Wednesday, June 1, 2022




It's June, and hot summer days are already on. I started making dessert when I was depressed. I like to eat dessert, but not too much... I wanted to make brownies this week and share them with you. It's a basic brownie; it's entirely up to you to add. You can add white chocolate or forest fruit to it.


3 large eggs

240 grams of sugar

320 grams of dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa ratio)

125 grams of butter (room temperature)

93 grams flour

1 packs of vanillin

25 grams of cocoa

1/2 teaspoons salt


*First, whisk three eggs and sugar until the sugar is completely melted.

*Melt the chocolate in a benmari way. I'm melting the chocolates with the steam of boiling water in the dim fire. Put the melted chocolate on the table and add the butter at room temperature and stir until it melts and the first temperature comes out.

*Add and mix chocolate mixture to the egg mixture. Also eliminate and add dry ingredients and mix them slowly with the spatula until they are homogeneous.

*Lubricate the oven dish and put oily paper in it and lubricate it again. Pour the mixture into the container and straighten it with the spatula.

*Bake the brownie in the 180-degree oven you preheated for 25 minutes.

*Let the baking brownie rest for 30-45 minutes until it reaches room temperature. You can slice and serve. 

Enjoy your meal.


* I used a glass rectangular container .If you want it to be thin or thicker, you can choose the size of the container you will use.

*I folded the oven paper in half and put it in the glass bowl. I took the extra glass of oil I had greased before and then I took it with paper towels and I put it on the layers of baking paper that I double-folded. It made it easier for him to get out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022



      Are you ready to try different flavors for breakfast? I will share the breakfast sauce recipe for you in this article.This recipe has a slightly bitter flavor due to the spices in it. So let's start the recipe.


   *stale bread(we don't use the outer shell when you use it for your stale bread) I'd say a whole bowl of bowls in size. I'm making eye decisions; 

*1 tbsp tomato saliva

*1 tbsp pepper saliva

*1 teaspoons thyme

*1 teaspoons black pepper

*1 teaspoons chili powder

*1 teaspoons salt

*half a glass of water, walnut

*1 water glasses olive oil


We add all the ingredients in order to our food processor, which we put in stale bread, and finally, after adding olive oil, we start our food processor. Just that much...You can put it on your bread.

The trick of this recipe is; You can increase the olive oil or decrease the spices. You can make adjustments according to your taste.

I hope you like it. I'm waiting for your comments...

Friday, May 13, 2022


        Did you hear the milk jam?Although the jam of almost every fruit ,is made in Anatolia milk jam has been very popular recently.And I'm going to share with you a recipe for this jam that you can make with three ingredients. With little ingredients and very tasty, you won't be able to give up on him for breakfast.



*3 water glasses milk

*Less than 1 water glasses (3/4 water glasses sugar)

*1 teaspoons baking powder


We're slowly adding 3 water glasses of milk to our low-teperature pot. We continue to mix and add less than 1 water glasses to our milk.After adding a teaspoon of baking powder, we don't stop mixing. It may seem like a long time while applying the recipe, but you will be satisfied with its taste. Even if you increase the level of your stove, when it starts to condense, make sure to lower the level of your stove. Otherwise, you may experience a burnt taste. When it starts to thicken enough, you can turn off your stove and put it anywhere, such as jar you want to keep. After waiting 2-3 hours at room temperature, you can close the lid of the jar and place it in your refrigerator.

*The trick is not to stop mixing

I hope you like it. I'm waiting for your comments

Wednesday, May 11, 2022


I'd be crazy if I didn't write it like a famous Turkish writer said. Writing is like resting after a long journey, taking a break, opening a window to life in the place where you take a break. As I take a break from you in my blog, I will write, share, write. The taste of food is a pinch of spices, and the taste of life is what we experience. I hope you will not leave me alone in my shares, but support your comments. I will share recipes from a lot of Anatolian cuisine, details of my life and traveler notes with you.